Must-have characteristics of children’s picture book

Debra Watts August 22, 2019

Reviewing top tips to create a perfect picture book for kids

Must-have characteristics of children’s picture book

There’s nothing like a thoughtfully crafted children’s picture book when it comes to offering education, inspiration, charm, and fun in a single book. Contrary to popular belief, creating a perfect picture book for kids takes a huge effort and time.

Lots of picture books are published regularly, some of which do really well while some others become a flop. The key reason is authors of the later league probably fail to address the aspects that make such a book a bestseller.

For those planning to write a children’s picture book, here’re the key things to be kept in mind.

Identifiable and lovable characters

Children read picture books to see kid-friendly characters or kids accomplishing big things. So, the protagonist of the book has to be able to fix his/her own problem because that’s one of the major purposes of kids’ picture books – kids may be small but they’re able to handle their issues in their own ways.

Keeping it simple

Young children are the main audience of picture books, so the sentences need to be easy to follow and short like any other children’s book. Authors can always throw in lots of unfamiliar words (to kids) but that will naturally lower the popularity of the book.

Apart from the above, authors should also keep in mind that such a book is a children’s illustrated book also. So, it’s important to keep the pictures in mind during writing and the words should be enough to enable an illustrator to create pictures.



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