How to teach children to keep old friends?

Debra Watts September 2, 2019

Top ways to teach the kids the true value of friendship

How to teach children to keep old friends?

Making friendship and keeping it play crucial roles in the overall development of the kids. Unfortunately, some children suffer to attain these skills and that sometimes impacts heavily on their education life. In this context, parents should play active roles and teach their kids the value of having true friends and how to keep old friends.

Here’re some effective ways that any parent can try.

Teaching kids to be loyal

When it comes to keeping old friends, loyalty is extremely important. In the context of kids, being loyal may involve keeping secrets to themselves that their friends have told them secretly, having a sense of dedication etc. Parents should also teach their kids the differences between secrets which can build loyalty and the ones that can be harmful to any of the parties.

Teaching them to listen actively

No one wants to be neglected during a conversation and kids are no different. Active listening means demonstrating listening behaviors like replying with a statement, paying attention to what the other one is talking etc.

Encouraging them to read books on friendship

There’re lots of amazing stories of friendship can be found in children literature. By learning those stories/books kids will develop a greater sense of the value of long and old friendship. These stories/books can act as excellent sources of learning the value of being thoughtful, helpful, generous, supportive etc.

While there is no way to avoid conflicts, differences etc even between best friends, friendships that are based on trust and loyalty tend to be long-lasting.


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