How to encourage kids to help people in need?

Debra Watts September 16, 2019

Top ways to teach kids helping others

How to encourage kids to help people in need?

Kids are born sympathetic and want to help others. They come with an innate ability to understand who’re in distress and thus, they offer helping hands as much as they can. It’s the job of parents to guide and nurture their natural inclination toward helping others so it stays with them forever.

Here’re some steps parents can take to help their kid’s helping gene.

Sharing the wealth

Parents should teach their kids to see what they’ve more than needed and to think of others who’re looking for it. For example, if there’re books he/she wouldn’t read anymore, it’s a great idea to donate a box to a local family shelter or a library.

Letting them experience it

To a huge number of people, help stands for giving only money to those needing it. But in reality, it’s much more than that. Obviously, money is probably the biggest factor but there’re also time and the act of giving. Parents should let their kids experience a giving to help them see the entire practice from an entirely different point of view – feeling. It actually feels good to help others and they’ll start to understand the joy of helping someone in need.

Teaching to help independently

One of the main objectives of teaching children helping those in need is that they’ll grow up with a natural desire to help out. And once they’ve gained this ability of helping independently, he/she will not carry a positive influence wherever he/she goes but it’ll help him/her become a complete person.


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