CARter CAR and his Wild & CARazy Birthday

The CAR family has planned a huge party for CARter and his friends. The birthday party is going to be held at the big parking lot downtown at 1:00 (p.m. not a.m., of course).

The friends he has invited are CARissa, CARmen, CARina, CARlton, CARlos, CARson, CARol, and CARey.

CARter and his friends spend the rest of their party time watching CARtoons, turning CARtwheels, and playing CARefree games, like, bumper cars, hubcam toss, and fender bender. But, some of his friends get CAReless and CAReen down the hill out of the parking lot.

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Jude the Dude

Jude wants to look cool to his friends, too. So, he asks his parents if he can split for a while. He doesn’t tell them that the reason is so he can make the scene with his friends. You see, Jude doesn’t want anyone to think he is square. Afterall, he is Jude the Dude.

Judas Junk swaggers toward him. Jude doesn’t want trouble, but it looks like trouble is what he’s found. Face to face with Judas, Jude realizes that this is a disturbed person. Judas is a rebel, a bad influence. But, Jude doesn’t back away from trouble. He sticks up for those who can’t defend themselves.

Judas yells, “I......DON’T......THINK......SO!”. . . . His face is getting redder and redder and his gang is coming closer and closer. Jude and his friends are getting unforgettable about this volatile situation. This is increasingly looking bad. REAL BAD!

Copies are available at litfire amazon barnes

Dean Goes Green

“That’s not the trash can,” thought Dean. “What’s mom doing saving stinky, old, smelly garbage.”

Next, he discovered it takes more than 1000 years for plastic grocery bags to decompose.

Dean learned that the average bathroom faucet releases 2 gallons of water per minute and just letting it run for three or four minutes wastes 6 to 8 gallons.

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Play Date for Anna Kate

Anna Kate hurried off to get ready to leave for her play date. On her way out the door, her mom says, “Now, Miss Anna Kate, don’t stop or take any detours on your way there. I will check to see that you arrive safely.”
She paused thoughtfully, “Why don’t you take Jude D. Bear with you? Maybe he will keep you company and out of trouble,” she said with a chuckle.
Anna Kate muttered to herself, “Really, Mom? You don’t know Jude too well. He’s the one that gets ME into trouble.”

It was such a pretty day. 

She walked down the path, daydreaming and humming along with the birds. But Anna Kate hadn’t noticed that Jude was no longer with her when, suddenly, she heard him growling on the other side of a very large bush.

Copies are available at litfire amazon barnes