Why kids should read animal stories?

Debra Watts September 23, 2019

Why kids need to read an animal story?

By nature, kids are curious and tend to question every bit of a story. Parents should try to leverage their kids’ inquisitive nature to help them develop a bonding with what most of the children miss these days – animals. Animal stories explore the rich bond between humans and animals and offer a clear understandin . . .

How to encourage kids to help people in need?

Debra Watts September 16, 2019

Top ways to teach kids helping others

Kids are born sympathetic and want to help others. They come with an innate ability to understand who’re in distress and thus, they offer helping hands as much as they can. It’s the job of parents to guide and nurture their natural inclination toward helping others so it stays with them forever.

Here’re some st . . .

What should you do in the effort of developing relationships with different people?

Debra Watts September 9, 2019

Top ways to connect with different people

According to studies, humans have a tendency to unconsciously trust or favor certain people more than others. When it comes to developing relationships, people tend to connect with people who have some common characteristics. They tend to develop unconscious biases about other people and the differences, as a result . . .

How to teach children to keep old friends?

Debra Watts September 2, 2019

Top ways to teach the kids the true value of friendship

Making friendship and keeping it play crucial roles in the overall development of the kids. Unfortunately, some children suffer to attain these skills and that sometimes impacts heavily on their education life. In this context, parents should play active roles and teach their kids the value of having t . . .

How you can promote adventure in your kids?

Debra Watts August 29, 2019

Reviewing top ways to promote escapade in kids

For most of the parents, the picture of their kids indulging in an exciting activity comprises different types of physical damages, from minor scratches to broken bones. While it’s true to some extent, having an adventurous mindset is also crucial for kids. An adventurous mindset promotes the development of a . . .

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